G-EYE 500 (2017)

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What editing software can I use?

The G-EYE Connect application offers a small basic editing software package.
Launch the application and click on:
-Start-Camera album
-Download the video file
The compressed format is ideal for watching the video on the phone and optimising the phone’s storage.
The original format to watch the video on a computer or large screen.
-Return to the home screen
-Open the Gallery mode

Select the file and press the Share logo.

Now you can cut the video and add music saved on your phone. Attention, if you add music, this removes the original sound from the video.
You can then decide to share your video on your favourite social network.

If you want to use editing software on your computer. The files are compatible with all types of video editing software. Amongst the free editing software packages you can benefit from:

- iMovie for a MAC
- Windows Movie Maker for a PC.

How do I share my photos and videos from my phone?

You can share videos taken on the camera from the G-EYE Connect application, this requires you to download the video before sharing it. The video is automatically downloaded onto Youtube before being shared on social networks.

You cannot share photos from the G-EYE Connect application. However, you can download the photo onto your phone and then share it from the gallery on the phone (photos taken on your phone).

How do you pair the remote control with the camera?

To pair the remote control to the camera:
- Turn on the camera
- Menu: general settings
- Remote control: ON

On the remote control:
- Briefly press the two red and grey buttons at the same time.

Your remote control is now paired.
To use your remote control, exit the pairing mode by clicking on any button on the remote control.

To be able to use the pause mode from the remote control, remember to activate it on the camera.

It is possible to use the remote control and the G-EYE Connect application at the same time to control the camera remotely.

What is the Wi-Fi password for me to connect to the camera?

The Wi-Fi password to connect your phone to the camera is 1234567890 and it cannot be modified.

On which smartphone can I download the G-EYE Connect application?

The application is available for Android and iOS for all recent smartphones
The G-EYE Connect application is not available on the Apple watch or for tablets



Why are my videos split into several files?

All files must not exceed 4GB to make it easier to process and transfer your videos. If they are larger, your recording continues and a new file is automatically created.
This value corresponds to the maximum transfer size onto the disks in FAT32 format.

My videos jerk around when I watch them, what do I do?

If the videos jerk around while you watch them on your computer, first try to change the player software (Windows Media Player, VLC or Quicktime for example).

If the videos always jerk around:
- you can change the software settings
- try on another more powerful computer (some graphics cards are not sufficient enough to read 60 images/second)

This effect is removed by connecting your camera to a TV via the mini HDMI port.

How does the TIME LAPSE mode work?

The TIME LAPSE is a technique which involves creating a video from a large quantity of photos taken from the same place and at a specific time interval of a few seconds to a few minutes.
For example, if you perform a time lapse with 10 seconds between each photo and a battery life of three hours,. you can make a film that is 36 seconds long with 30 images per second.


It seems that my battery heats up when I use my camera, is this normal?

When using the camera, the battery naturally heats up. This effect is increased when you use the camera in its waterproof case.
If you use the camera in its waterproof case, this heating effect can increase the build up of fog. Also, we recommend you use the 3 anti-fog inserts to place inside the case.
These accessories are available in store and onwww.decathlon.co.uk

How do I recharge my camera?

We recommend using the USB cable provided to recharge the camera or to transfer data onto the computer.


How can I prevent the build up of fog inside my waterproof case?

The formation of fog is caused by temperature differences between the inside and outside: normal occurrence.
That’s why we recommend using the 3 anti-fog inserts to place inside the case.
These accessories are available in store and on decathlon.fr

I cannot find the PHOTO mode while recording my video, why not?

The photo mode in the video is only available for the following resolutions:
- 1080p or less
- for taking 30 images per second or less.
The wide angle is necessary and the stabiliser mode can be activated.

Why can't I view the video in full screen on my phone?

For reasons of fluidity and responsiveness, the view of the camera and videos is only available in portrait mode on the G-EYE Connect application. However, once the video has downloaded onto the phone, you can watch it in landscape mode

What do I do if my camera remains frozen?

To restart your camera (RESET)
Keep the WIFI and ON/OFF buttons pressed down simultaneously until the camera restarts.

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