ONmove 100

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How do I turn on my GPS ONmove 100 for the first time?

To activate your GPS ONmove 100 for the first time, hold down the "play/pause" button, on the top right hand side of your watch, for 3 seconds.


I don't seem to be able to transfer my data.to DecathlonCoach account.

1 - Check that the clip is correctly positioned on your watch.
2 - Check that you've plugged your transfer cable into the USB port on your computer.
3 - Make sure you have the latest version of the ONconnect software.
4 - If you experience any problems, please contact one of our support technicians.

Can I retrieve my sessions so I can use them on a service other than myGeonaute (GPX file)?

To transfer your session to another GPX-compatible service, please follow the procedure below: https://mygeonaute.zendesk.com/hc/fr/articles/200602212-Exporter-mes-donn%C3%A9es-vers-un-autre-site

Why can't I find my old sessions when I transfer them to my computer?

The ONmove 100 features automatic memory management. If you complete a session when the memory is full, your device will automatically delete your first recorded sessions. That's why it's important to upload your sessions to your computer as often as possible so as not to lose them.



How can I speed up the GPS signal reception?

Satellite signal reception quality is considerably affected by the surroundings and your movement.
To facilitate reception, we recommend the following during signal detection:
1. Position yourself in an open space away from buildings and trees.
2. Place the GPS watch on a table or on the ground. 3

How many points per second can my watch record (sampling rate)?

The sampling rate of your GPS ONmove 100 watch is automatically adjusted according to your speed. ONmove 100's sampling rate range varies between 1 point every 2 seconds and 1 point every 5 seconds. The faster your speed, the more points recorded per second. This helps ensure optimal accuracy of route as well as optimised memory management.


Is my ONmove 100 waterproof?

This product is waterproof to 3 ATM (30 metres); in other words, it's suitable for swimming at surface level. However, we recommend that you avoid pressing buttons when underwater as this may compromise its water resistance. In addition, you may lose the GPS signal when the product is submerged in water.

My transfer cable is lost or broken

where can I get another one?