ONmove 200

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How do I start an indoor session?

To start a session without using the GPS, you must:
1. Press on the "Play/Pause" button when searching for the GPS
2 signal. Select "No" when asked "Use GPS?". You can start exercising without speed and distance values.

How do I modify the values available onscreen during a session?

Screen configuration is accessible from the Settings > Screens menu. Use it to select the information to be displayed while exercising. Each screen can display one or two values.

To select a value:
- Select the line you wish to modify by pressing on "Play/Pause"
- Choose the values you want with the bottom left and right buttons
- Confirm with the "Play/Pause" button

To display one value only on the screen, simply disable the second by selecting "OFF". Display adapts to the number of values chosen. The value is displayed larger when only one has been selected.


What DecathlonCoach functions can I enjoy?

Your ONmove 200 is compatible with our online exercise measuring and analysing service. You can find out about all the functions you get with this service on this video

I have transferred my session properly but I can't find it on my myGeonaute account.

Your sessions are listed in chronological order on www.decathloncoach.com. The date of the session depends on the date your watch is set to. Check that your watch has been set to the right time. If this is not the case, your session will be listed according to the date on your watch. You will have to search in your myGeonaute account log and modify the date manually by clicking on the "pencil" icon.

What do I do if ONConnect doesn't recognise my product?

1. Make sure the cable is properly connected to your watch and computer.
2. Make sure you use a micro-USB cable capable of data transfer. Some micro-USB cables can only be used for charging. These can be identified by a lightning bolt icon on the cable.
3. Make sure you have the latest version of ONconnect

However, if you're still experiencing problems, please contact our Support team via the "Contact" page at the bottom of this website.

How do I transfer my sessions from my ONmove 200 to my smartphone?

To transfer your sessions to your smartphone:
1. Make sure your telephone is compatible
2. Make sure you have installed the myGeonaute connect application (available on Apple Store and Google Play)
3. Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone
4. Start the myGeonaute connect application
5. To access "Connect" mode, hold the bottom left button down on your watch for 2 seconds
6. Select "Detect a new product" on myGeonaute connect if you are using the application for the first time. Otherwise select "Transfer my sessions"
7. Your telephone is connected and your sessions will be displayed on your telephone
8. Select the sessions you wish to transfer and choose your sport
9. Select "Transfer your sessions"
10. Your sessions have been transferred. You may view them from your browser



How to update my ONmove 200 GPS watch to benefit from the latest functions?

Warning: before updating your watch software, remember to upload your device sessions to DecathlonCoach, because the update will delete your device memory.

In order to get the latest version of your ONmove 200 software, you need to:
1. Have the latest version of the ONconnect software. Once installed, this software will offer you to update your ONmove 200 software:
- ONconnect for Windows
- ONconnect for Mac

2. If it does not work, you can also update your ONmove 200 software manually:
2.1.1 Download the BLE.frm file
2.1.2 Plug your ONmove 200 & open My Computer
2.1.3 Copy the BLE.frm file into the ONmove 200 device
2.1.4 Press the "Light" button on your device to start the update. The update is completed when the device reappears on My Computer.
2.2.1 Download the firmware.frm file
2.2.2 Open My Computer
2.2.3 Copy the firmware.frm file into the ONmove 200 device.
2.2.4 Press the "Light" button on your device to start the update. The update is completed when the device reappears on My Computer.

You can now enjoy the latest functions of your ONmove 200!

The new functions are listed below:

- Configuring a simple training session in several steps (warming up, action, resting, cooling down, number of series).
- Automatic pause of your stopwatch when you stop
- Automatic lap time based on a configurable distance.
- Indication of the HRM strap low battery status on your watch
- Minor graphic corrections
- Minor bug corrections

How do I transfer sessions from my GPS ONmove 200 watch to my computer?

You can transfer your sessions from your ONmove 200 to your computer using ONconnect software available at the following address, depending on your operating system:
1 - Download and install ONconnect
2 - Start ONconnect and log in using your myGeonaute ID and password. If you don't have one, you may create an account
3 - Connect your ONmove 200 and wait for your product to be detected
4 - Once it has been detected, you will see the sessions available in your ONmove 200
5 - Select the sessions you wish to transfer on your myGeonaute account and your sport then click on Transfer
6 - Once the sessions have been transferred, you may choose whether to delete them from the memory of your watch or keep them.


How can I speed the GPS signal reception up?

Satellite signal reception quality is considerably impacted by the environment and your movement. To facilitate reception, we recommend the following during signal detection: 1. Positioning yourself in a clearing away from buildings and trees. 2. Placing the watch on the ground.

What is FastFix & how do I know if it is up to date?

FastFix technology helps your watch pick up the satellite signal more quickly.
You can start exercising straight away.

In concrete terms, FastFix picks up satellite ephemerides. These ephemerides are valid for 7 days. So, to enjoy FastFix technology all the time, you must update the FastFix on your product once a week by synchronising your ONmove 200 with ONconnect. Otherwise, it will take longer to pick up the satellite signal.
To download ONconnect, go to www.start.geonaute.com

To find out whether FastFix is up to date on your watch, go to the Settings > About > FastFix menu. This shows whether FastFix is up to date or not.

If you do not want to be limited by this 7-day period, you can also update the FastFix manually as follows:
1. Connect your ONmove 200 to your computer. Access My Computer
3. Delete the ONCONNECT.JSON file
4. Start ONconnect to view the FastFix update information
5. Unplug your device so that the FastFix update can be completed


Why does my ONmove 200 battery run out so quickly?

When the battery of your ONmove 200 is fully charged you may enjoy 7 hours' GPS use. It may wear down more quickly in the following cases:
- Frequent use of back-lighting
- When the sound is activated and you use options with many warning sounds
- When using a cardio belt.

What power supply can I use to charge my GPS ONmove 200?

You can charge your GPS ONmove 200 watch by connecting it to your computer, a nomad charger or 5V 1A mains adapter.

Can I use my watch while it is charging?

You can use your GPS ONmove 200 watch while charging it on a nomad charger or mains adapter. You cannot use the watch when it is connected to your computer.


What do I do if my GPS ONmove 200 watch won't start up?

If your watch doesn't start, you will have to reset it. There are 2 ways to reset:
1. Resetting the watch: Accessible from the Settings> About > Reset menu, this resets all your custom configurations and settings and deletes all sessions in the memory
2. Rebooting the watch: If your watch freezes on a screen or no longer responds, you can start it again by pressing the ON/OFF button (top right on the watch) for 20 seconds

Why can't I detect my cardio belt?

To make sure it detects your cardio belt properly, we advise you to check the following points:
1. Make sure your cardio belt uses the Bluetooth Smart protocol. Belts using the ANT+ protocol are not compatible with this product.
2. Activate HRM mode in the Settings > HR Sensor > HR Sensor menu: ON
3. Pair your cardio belt up to your watch. By pairing them up, you can connect your belt to your watch. This is only necessary when using a belt for the first time or after resetting your watch.
4. Moisten the sensors on the elastic strap & position the belt properly below your pecs.

I have lost / broken my charger cable / strap / USB cover. Where can I get another one?

You can get a charger cable, strap or USB cover at the workshop of your local store.

How to set up and follow an interval training?
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